kilO hoteL

kilO hoteL

“It all started with the old Nikon D90”. Ben Smith came to Jeremy Thomley’s sculpture shop and began filming the makings of a tiki torch. This was his first go at filming… it was charming and raw. Even more it was brave, that was 5 years ago. Now Ben travels with a body bag full of gear hoping to tell a story as truthful and simple as the one he captured that night. The now acclaimed director of Anthem, Ben Smith continues to live in Hattiesburg MrS where he and fellow producer Jeremy Thomley are continually finding excuses to film something. The two have traveled the country on rock climbing and cinematic adventures. StoryTellers. Brothers.

Funny Fact: During the sculpture exhibition also called “Anthem-Sculpture inspired by Adventure” people thought we were sponsored by a hotel chain. Nope, kilO hoteL is military speak for Keeton and Harper, Ben’s kids:)

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