Its the trip we have planned forever… Dave Jameson and I are taking Ben Smith into Zion’s National Park to go Canyoneering:) How cool is it that the nearest town St. George Utah also has this great film festival & we were accepted to show Anthem! ¬†Our first stop driving out is Lake Powell, then St. George for the Festival, then Zion’s for Canyoneering, then Park City to catch up with Daniel Bell and install a steel sculpture… then who knows whats next? I’d love to climb something but its probably gonna be really hot in Joes Valley and on every other above ground rock in Utah. I’m excited boys, lets hit the road!

If You are in the are please come see us and the film, it will be a great time:)

Sept 6 @ 5:30 Main Theater on Opening Night in St. George, Utah.

DocUtah Film Festival