Anthem is a documentary that captures the unlikely and perilous meeting of two truly unique people. Two people with a common passion and a common struggle. The film follows two devoted rock climbers (Jeremy Thomley and Marie Claude Mathieu) as they discover each other, themselves, and their mutual fight for breath and physical contact on a secluded mountaintop. At its core, Anthem is a human story of determination, dangerous curiosity, and acceptance.

Anthem-FSCut-Complex.Still001.38kb Anthem-FSCut-Complex.Still005.28kbAnthem-FSCut-Complex.Still003.36kbAnthem-FSCut-Complex.Still004.20kb Anthem-FSCut-Complex.Still009.37kb


Film Credits:

Directed Edited & Produced by
Benjamin Smith

Executive Producer
Jeremy Thomley

Jeremy Thomley
Marie Claude Mathieu
Gustavo Moser
Michael Bird
Michael Rosato

Cinematography by
Benjamin Smith
Gustavo Moser
Michael Rosato

Sound Editing
Patrick Janssen

Music Supervision
Jonathan Kilcullen

Madison Oddfellow
Liz Brasher
Jonathan Kilcullen
The Salty Sea
Wes Lee

Jennifer Hardin
Daniel Bell
Jeremy Thomley

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